Founder & CEO

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Pastor Jeffrey A. Dennis

Chief Executive Officer

Pastor Jeffrey A. Dennis is the Senior Pastor of the Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Akron, Ohio. To service the growing health needs of his local community, he founded and is the CEO of MBHG (Minority Behavioral Health Group). MBHG is a nationally accredited, state certified mental health agency. 

Our Mission:

MBHG is a community health agency that consists of psychologists, counselors, pastors, case managers, and administrative personnel who are committed to providing culturally appropriate and comprehensive counseling services to individuals and families in Summit, Portage, Stark, Franklin and Cuyahoga counties.

Additional initiatives:

  • Pastor Dennis leads a group of professionals consisting of nurses, therapists, and case managers who provide services addressing the Infant Mortality challenge here in Summit County. 

  • President of the Akron Unity Partnership, a collection of churches committed to partnerships in the interest of holistic community development.  

  • Founder of the Akron Pastors’ Project, a program that educates and raises the level of awareness within the clergy community and the community at large regarding drug abuse, chemical dependency and mental illness. 

  • Founded Bethlehem House of Bread, an extension of Ashland Theological Seminary of Ashland, Ohio. 

  • Founder and CEO of the record company, POWAMM (Power of Word and Music Ministries).  He wrote and arranged the song, “Change Direction," for The Campaign to Change Direction, which is an initiative that addresses mental health in America. 

Board Participation and Accolades:

  • Served on various non-profit boards in the Akron area.  He previously served as the Board President of the Center for Urban and Higher Education (CUHE), a public education and research unit within the University of Akron’s College of Education. 

  • Invited to Washington, D.C. by the Hudson Institute’s Faith in Community Initiative and the Center for Public Justice to speak on his strategic alliances with agencies in Summit County. This presentation was an in-depth seminar and press briefing on the “Growing Impact on Government Partnerships with Faith-Based Organizations.” 

  • Invited by the U.S. Department of Education as a presenter at the first conference held by the Center for Faith Based and Community Initiatives. 

  • Received an invitation from the White House to present at President Bush's first conference on the Faith Based Initiatives and in 2008, he was recognized for taking part in the Initiative’s success.

  • He has received various awards and recognitions from the offices of Presidents' Bush and Obama; Ohio Governor, John Kasich; Ohio Mayor, Donald Plusquellic and the Akron City Council, just to name a few. 


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