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The primary goal of MBHG is to provide counseling services to an often under-served African-American community; and other minority communities.


The professional staff shares the cultural and ethnic backgrounds of the individuals served and have a unique understanding of the client’s worldview.


An African-centered philosophy of treatment and education is utilized to promote wellness in the individual, family, and community.


Our services are designed to promote human potential and encourage spiritual growth.

Minority Behavioral Health Group

Minority Behavioral Health Group (MBHG) is a community health agency that consists of psychologists, counselors, pastors, case managers, and administrative personnel who are committed to providing culturally appropriate and comprehensive counseling services to Summit, Portage, Stark, Franklin and Cuyahoga counties.

Minority Behavioral Health Group was established in 1998 to provide mental health services for the various growing minority populations in Summit County. MBHG was the first and only African-American nationally accredited and state certified community mental health agency in the state of Ohio.



  • To provide education and preventive programming which promotes the psychological well being of minority people.


  • To provide consultative services to mental health agencies and other organizations; enhancing their knowledge of treatment to ethnically diverse people.


  • To conduct research regarding culturally specific treatment and outcomes.

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